First Time Sewing – Baby Quilt

Before this project the only kind of stitches I knew how to do were surgical stitches. But I was expecting my baby girl and wanted to make something! Excitingly, my sister was excepting her second child around the same time. Therefore I made two matching baby quilts for these cousins. Believe it or not, the first one I didn’t own a sewing machine yet, so I made by hand! It took about a week (only because I’d work on it after dinner for about an hour since pregnancy made my energy level plummet)

I wanted to buy gender neutral material for both the quilts. I really didn’t see the point in spending the time cutting individual squares, but if you have the scrap cloth this is a great place to use it up! I ended up buying these cute alphabet squares from amazon.

quilt squares

While my husband fantasizes about a large office to host his books and I fantasize about a hobby room where I can leave my projects out, we live in New York, and space is precious. So I don’t really have room for much equipment. Don’t ever not do a project because you don’t have the equipment. Get creative! There is always a way around.

There are so many great instructions out there on how to quilt, no need for another post. I ended up using Sew Adorable Fabrics’ guide as my basic instructions on how to assemble the squares together.

Once I had the squares assembled, I bought this batting from my favorite store..yup you guessed it. Amazon. Then I started to come up with my own quick steps. My patience was running low.

semi finished quilt

semi finished quilt

I cut the batting about 1/2 inch bigger on all sides to my assembled squares. I had an old flat sheet that I was using as the backing. I pinned all the corners together and sewed the whole thing around the edges.

To give it a finished looked I used Haberdashery Fun’s instructions on how to sew on a border around my quilt.

And tada! Here are the two munchkins just under 2 weeks enjoying their matching blankets!




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